At the intersection of leadership & mindfulness

Life has been exciting at the intersection of leadership and mindfulness.  Tons of research on both topics, ranging from peer-review publications to FMRI studies and the emergence of new fields of study, such as Neuroleadership.

This research sometimes validates what we previously believed to be true, as in the benefits of meditation practices include stress reduction and improved focus.  Other studies enrich our knowledge and understanding and include the reality of Implicit Bias, and the awesome concept of Neuroplasticity  -- the 'proof' that our brain actually changes and expands when we learn and develop new habits!

So, yes, I'm super-excited.  I get to help my clients leverage their strengths, overcome barriers and improve performance.  And I'm constantly absorbing new theories and concepts. Oh, the best part? I get to to share my journey with you and I truly welcome your comments and questions.

Final (or is it initial?) thought: What we focus on truly matters, 

and we get to CHOOSE what we focus on.


Pause. Reflect. Learn. Accelerate.